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Web 2.0 and the Grunge Hoax Victims

I just had to post about Joey de Villa’s great spoof on Kathy Sierra’s graphics. The short story: in her fine Creating Passionate Users blog, Kathy Sierra inexplicably tries to argue that Web 2.0 is not a buzzword, but jargon. … Continue reading

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How do you pronounce it?

Ph.D. comics’ Jorge Cham’s latest webcomic summarizes the name pronunciation problem I got since I set foot in Canada: The difference is people seem to actually care in his case 😉

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Books of Dust

I grew tired of the Harry Potter series several volumes ago -I couldn’t stand Harry’s selfishness, his lack of talent or spark, his air of superiority and aloofness over his sidekicks, nor how everyone seemed to gladly die / risk … Continue reading

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Toronto DemoCamp 11

On Monday we had the latest iteration of DemoCamp (again at the MaRS facilities) and the last of the year. Turnout is still high, with a healthy dose of newcomers, and although there were quite nice demos, some people seemed … Continue reading

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Offloading and evolution

I just finished reading Carl Zimmer‘s very fine book Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea; which is a great introduction to the topic and covers a lot of ground, from Darwin’s life aboard the Beagle to host-bacteria arms races (stop … Continue reading

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UML usage survey

The May 2006 issue of the Communications of the ACM has a survey (subscription or payment required) by Brian Dobing and Jeffrey Parsons on the usage of UML in software development projects. Most participants were contacted through the OMG, the … Continue reading

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CSCW 2006 Roundup

Just returned yesterday from the Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) conference, which took place in gorgeous Banff, Alberta. Here’s a brief summary of cool stuff presented there: The Social Side of Software Development Workshop – One of the highlights for … Continue reading


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Mexico City approves same-sex unions

It’s rare to come by good news from Mexico these days, but today the assembly of Mexico City passed a law approving same-sex civil unions. They won’t call it marriage, and it will only apply to Mexico City’s inhabitants, but … Continue reading

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The Junior-Senior Suck Up

Yesterday, at a reception of the Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) conference in Banff, Alberta, a senior researcher (that I’m not sure wants to be named) told me about how he has so much fun at these conferences watching what … Continue reading

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Fun with representations VI – Sharing the load

In Cognition in the Wild, a book I’ll be coming back to later and often in this blog, Ed Hutchins expands on an observation by Herbert Simon, who said that the complicated movements and trajectories of an ant on the … Continue reading

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