Mexico City approves same-sex unions

It’s rare to come by good news from Mexico these days, but today the assembly of Mexico City passed a law approving same-sex civil unions. They won’t call it marriage, and it will only apply to Mexico City’s inhabitants, but at least it’s a step towards recognizing equal rights for everyone in Mexican society. Good stuff.


About Jorge Aranda

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SEGAL and CHISEL labs in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria.
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2 Responses to Mexico City approves same-sex unions

  1. That’s great news — I didn’t hear about it. Thanks for posting.


  2. Bryant says:

    Americans finally realize the try-before-you-buy works just as well with sex as it does with commodities. Rather than marrying and then shacking up with hot sex coming after the nuptuals, Americans are increasingly putting out before putting on the wedding rings.Women are just as likely as men to get it on before matrimony.
    I think this is just the sign of the times. I mean, we like to test things, try them out, before making a purchase. Why should sex and marriage be any different? The stigma associated with pre-marital sex is dead. Long live free love!

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