Toronto blogs

Toronto Skyline, Old
Toronto Skyline, New

Out of the blue, here are some of my favourite Toronto blogs that help understand and enjoy my adoptive city:

  • Spacing Wire: Part of Spacing, an independent urban-policy publication that is quite possibly the best magazine I’ve ever read, on any topic: Insightful, propositive, and a labour of love; it’s impossible to read it and not love Toronto right away. The only drawback is that there’s just one issue every six four months (thanks Matt) – Spacing Wire and the photoblog Spacing Photos fill the gap the rest of the year. By the way, the newest edition of Spacing should be on newsstands starting today.
  • Toronto Before: Compare archival pictures of Toronto with recent shoots from the same locations. An eye opener.
  • Illegal Signs: A blog that hopefully will keep on going until every illegal marketing sign is taken away from the streets of Toronto.
  • Torontoist: Cultural events and policy news. It’s not always on topic, but it’s still fun so it doesn’t really matter.
  • Daily dose of imagery: Another cool photoblog, usually about Toronto, with an eye for both the grandiose and the nitty gritty details.

This is a complex city; full of quirks and surprises to discover beyond the tiresome homogeneity of the franchises and highways prevalent in North America. It’s a bit difficult to explore these hidden angles of Toronto by oneself, so it’s great to have these blogs as tour guides.

(Photos from Toronto Before)


About Jorge Aranda

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SEGAL and CHISEL labs in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria.
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2 Responses to Toronto blogs

  1. matt says:

    Spacing comes out three times a year (every 4 months!).

    Just an FYI

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