Computer Science and Global Warming research

Last night, a mix of graduate students mostly from different areas in Computer Science, but also from Physics, Biology, and Transportation Policy at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Global Change Science got together to discuss how CS can do interdisciplinary research that helps advance global warming research. Since a lot of climate change research is done through computer simulation models, we discovered huge opportunities for collaboration. Here is a small sample:

  • Optimization of parallel programming (so that researchers don’t need to wait for months to get their results)
  • Data mining
  • Data merging (from different models’ databases)
  • Information visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Software practices
  • Software verification
  • Managing the coupling of simulation models (say, an atmospheric model with an ocean model)
  • Knowledge management

This meeting was just a start –I’m sure there will soon be several collaboration projects between our CS department and other research groups. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to solve very challenging computer science problems and help solve what might be the most pressing issue of our time.

Thanks to Steve Easterbrook (my advisor) and Jonathan Lung (my colleague) for setting this up!


About Jorge Aranda

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SEGAL and CHISEL labs in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria.
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4 Responses to Computer Science and Global Warming research

  1. Sean O says:

    This is great. As I have said multiple times in my blog what we really need to spend our immediate money on is better climate modeling tools so that we can eliminate many of the controversies on this subject.

  2. Jorge says:

    Thanks Sean. Yes, hopefully this will help refine our current knowledge on global warming. Unfortunately some controversies will never go away, as they are political rather than scientific, and hard data rarely change a political view.

  3. nithin says:

    i am with you in this research, though my knowledge is not up to date, but i m keen to do a wisdom work with you

  4. Rooju says:

    Very, very interesting! As a nature loving computer engineer, I’d be interested in getting involved in such initiatives.

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