Smokey Pete’s Tavern bans guns in these premises

Seen in Minneapolis:

ING bans guns

Mall of America bans guns

The fact that they needed to make it explicit somehow fails to reassure me.


About Jorge Aranda

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SEGAL and CHISEL labs in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria.
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6 Responses to Smokey Pete’s Tavern bans guns in these premises

  1. yoni says:

    I wonder how many people (who carry guns) actually obey the signs? I mean, if they choose to enter the mall, and of course they choose to on a daily basis, then how is this enforced?

  2. Jorge says:

    I guess it can’t be enforced –which is why I find the signs disturbing.

    If my neighbour had a sign in his door saying “No wifebeater lives here”, I’d start to wonder about him too…

  3. Manuel says:

    So, if you have got a gun and you go to the mall, is there a Gun-Check for $1 apiece? Is it next to the Coat Check?

  4. Jorge says:

    $1 a piece, yeah, except bazookas and rocket launchers –which cost $5 each 🙂

  5. Neil says:

    One of the arguments made in favour of concealed-carry permits is that had one of the students at Virginia Tech been allowed to have a gun on campus, the death toll would have been lower.

    This argument is no more convincing to me.

  6. Jorge says:

    It’s a myopic and hypocrite argument –myopic because although the death toll in this one occasion might have been lower, the number of total homicides would be (has been) far higher if people bring their guns everywhere. Hypocrite because if our goal really is to decrease the death toll, there is an evident, much safer solution.

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