Mini-update: All is well

I’ve been away from my blog for a long time so I thought an update was in order.

In the last few days I presented a poster at the Consortium of Software Engineering Researchers, in Montreal, which I think was well received, I stole four bananas out of necessity and I toured the beautiful Old Montreal (thanks Manuel!); I begun to prepare for my ICSE presentation in Vancouver; Spring arrived; the swine flue arrived and I became addicted to maps of its outbreak; I marked a seemingly endless stream of assignments and final exams; my colleagues and I discovered that we have a book burglar with access to the lab; I ran a 10km race at an excellent (for me) time of 50:16, despite starting to develop tendonitis two weeks ago; and I celebrated my seventh anniversary with Val (today!). So all is well. But I’m happy to be able to focus on my research proposal more intensely from now on.


About Jorge Aranda

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SEGAL and CHISEL labs in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria.
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13 Responses to Mini-update: All is well

  1. Gina says:

    > I stole four bananas out of necessity

    Does this mean that you’ll be chased by the mafia? Cf. Johnny Stecchino

  2. Galax says:

    50:16. Please specify if you were running after the book burglar or fleeing from the Walmart attendant.

  3. Jorge says:

    So *that’s* why the Italian lady was so nice to me…

  4. Jorge says:

    OK so technically I guess it wasn’t a theft. We were at an Indian buffet for dinner, and I figured breakfast the morning after was going to suck (it did), so I took four bananas for the group and instead of eating them right then and there, I hid them in a backpack.

  5. Jorge says:

    Let’s say they were “extended release” bananas.

  6. Yoni says:

    Hey Jorge,
    10 years from now, what will we remember? That you run 10k, or that you stole some Bananas? 😉

    Happy Cinco de Mayo

  7. The running will definitely help in future banana thievery!

  8. Jorge says:

    I am beginning to realize that broadcasting my crimes might not be the wisest idea.

  9. Yoni says:

    Jorge, you remind me of this joke I once saw on TV. The guy talks to the camera with an anguished look on his face, he says:

    For 30 years I’ve been building bridges, and no one has called me Bob the builder …

    (repeat with a few professions of your choice, e.g. for 25 years … and nobody has called me Bob the teacher, etc.)

    … but this one time, just one time, I fucked a sheep!

  10. Jorge says:


    I was actually interviewed on TV right before the race (for Global TV, I don’t know if they used the interview or not); I made sure not to mention the word ‘banana’ at all.

  11. Galax says:

    Ok, brother, tell me your sins and I will tell you mine.
    It is been several times that I take a “bolillo” (roll bread? French bread?) from the basket at the restaurant table, put it in a paper napkin and ask my wife to hide it in her handbag so I can eat it that night at home with some frijoles. My wife blushes as she gets it into her handbag and we leave the restaurant, after paying a $60 dollar bill, feeling we are two of the dirty dozen guys and hoping no waitress catched us in the act. Once outside I laugh like crazy and my wife swears she will never again go with me to a restaurant.

  12. Jorge says:

    I see, the thieving streak runs in the family!

  13. Eaten the bananas helped you in beating me in the race, next year I will do the same and try to beat you. Vale will be so advanced that she will bore to death while waiting for us.
    They said naked biking helps developing 10k skills…

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