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Jono Lung has a blog

My friend and academic brother, Jonathan Lung (a.k.a. Jono), now has a shiny new blog, which he kick-started with two interesting posts on not-so-back-of-the-envelope calculations of the carbon emissions of paper vs. reading electronically. This makes almost all of Steve … Continue reading


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Journals and Conferences

I was not aware of Lance Fortnow’s viewpoint article on journal vs. conference publishing in Computer Science until Neil Ernst brought it up recently, and I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the primacy of conferences in our … Continue reading

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Draft of my thesis abstract

I begun writing my thesis, which means I’m finally at the last stretch of my PhD; if all goes well I will be submitting the thesis to my committee in May. I thought I should share the current version of … Continue reading

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Lab coat experiment

Problem 1 For years as a grad student I shared a relatively small office with two or three other students. It was a quiet environment –at times too quiet and solitary, I guess, but it was easy to focus on … Continue reading

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My SEMAT article on PragPub

The latest issue (January 2010) of PragPub, the electronic magazine from The Pragmatic Bookshelf, features an article I wrote with my criticisms on SEMAT. Thanks for Mike Swaine for the invitation!

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