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Ethics, activism, and research

For some years now, as the end of my PhD drew near and my postdoctoral work began to unfold, I have felt anxious about committing my life to research. It’s an anxiety that lurks in the back of my mind: … Continue reading

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Research as activism?

Jon Pipitone asks: If there is one strand that connects any work that I do it is my desire to to be of some benefit to the world, and for that benefit to have a certain immediacy. I am concerned … Continue reading

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(Do not) aim for the eagle

The Second Workshop on Software Research and Climate Change is only days away –it’s scheduled for this coming Monday, May 3rd. It will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, co-located with ICSE, and I’m going to miss both the … Continue reading

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Gwynne Dyer on Mexico and Climate Wars

Yesterday evening Val and I went to hear Gwynne Dyer and Elizabeth May speak at an Earth Day Eve event in the Annex. Gwynne Dyer mostly spoke about the same topics he covers on his Climate Wars book —about how … Continue reading

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U of T grad students: please vote Yes for Bikechain!

Voting for the Graduate Student Union’s elections begins today and ends this Thursday, March 25. The election includes a referendum on a levy of $1 per year for Bikechain. I love Bikechain, and I’ve mentioned it here before: it’s a … Continue reading

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Reminder: Software Research and Climate Change Workshop

I’ve posted about this ICSE workshop before, but a reminder might be worthwhile. As you can see in the call for participation, the deadline for position papers is coming up, and for those of us that cannot or do not … Continue reading

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Bathtubs, waistlines, and credit cards

A challenge: to come up with a metaphor for the problem of cumulative emissions of greenhouse gases that is appropriate, compelling, and accessible. Here’s a bit of context to explain why I think such a metaphor is necessary. Yesterday, Val, … Continue reading

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