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Workshop on Software Research on Climate Change

Today was (still is, at the time of writing) the 1st Workshop on Software Research on Climate Change, down in Florida. Jon Pipitone and I planned to attend remotely, skype-ing in, but never got around to make it work satisfactorily: … Continue reading

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The cultural cognition of climate change

Would you agree that discussing climate change with a denialist is one of the most exhausting and frustrating debating experiences there are? Then you’ll enjoy reading Steve Easterbrook’s informative summary of a series of studies by Kahan and Braman on … Continue reading

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New visa requirement for Mexicans in Canada: write to your MP!

You’ve probably heard about the new visa requirement for Mexicans (and Czechs) that want to visit Canada. According to the Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, Mexicans now require a visa due to the abuse of the refugee claims system by some … Continue reading

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Carbon clock

Via George Monbiot, here is a counter that estimates the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere. Monbiot writes (emphasis mine): The carbon clock suggests that the cumulative total of long-lived greenhouse gases in the atmosphere so far is 3.64tn metric … Continue reading

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Online climate simulator

C-Learn is a simplified online climate simulator you can use to play with possible CO2 emission scenarios. It may take you a few minutes to figure out how to change the input variables, and what do they mean exactly, but … Continue reading

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Light bulb ad

I loved this ad by the World Wildlife Fund for its simplicity. (via Jon Pipitone, who has also posted some related thoughts on why consumer choice is only a small part of the equation when it comes to addressing climate … Continue reading

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Economic measurement

I just finished reading Fritz Schumacher’s “Small is Beautiful”, and it reminded me of a speech by Robert F. Kennedy that I wanted to share: Too much and for too long, we seem to have surrendered personal excellence and community … Continue reading

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The morality of a flat rate tax

Politics are a bit raw in the US these days, and while I spent the summer in Seattle I got into a few discussions about the current campaigns and public policy in general.  One of the most unexpected positions I … Continue reading

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Torture in Guanajuato

The Human Rights Commission of Mexico recently declared that the police of my home state of Guanajuato, Mexico, systematically torture people to obtain information and confessions (link in Spanish). Of course I’m not surprised –I don’t think anyone is–, and … Continue reading

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If you go to the University of Toronto, you’ve probably heard about the ridiculous protest that took place in the President’s Office two weeks ago. Students, including some from the student unions (and some people external to the University) sat … Continue reading

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