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Inflo is out

I had forgotten to post this announcement: Inflo, an online tool to collaboratively construct arguments, is out! Jono Lung, the brains behind the idea and a friend of mine, explains: Inflo is an on-line tool for collaboratively constructing arguments.  It’s … Continue reading


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Not crazy about Wordle

You’re probably familiar with Wordle. It’s a neat application that picks up the most common words in a text and arranges them in a pretty word cloud. As a toy, it’s quite fun. But there’s an idea seeping in among … Continue reading

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Walk Score

Walk Score is such a nice app: Give it an address and it’ll tell you how walkable it is. Our apartment scores a very decent 83/100: “Very walkable: It’s possible to get by without owning a car.” Yes it is. … Continue reading

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Whiteboard diagramming

As you probably know if you’re keeping in touch with the software engineering research community, there has been plenty of research on conceptual modeling in recent years. Most of it focuses on the creation, refinement, and formalization of modeling languages … Continue reading

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xkcd’s map of online communities

This map from webcomic xkcd is absolutely cool: Among my favourite bits: The sunken island of Usenet, the small “Attractive MySpace Pages” peninsula in proportion to the huge MySpace kingdom, and how the Bay of Angst shores on Xanga and … Continue reading

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Virtual City Toronto

This web application may become quite cool given enough time. Enter an address, or ask for directions as you would to Google Maps, and you get photographs of the area or route of your result. The interface of the beta … Continue reading

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Project lifecycle visualizations

Over at Lost Garden, Danc has a series of beautiful illustrations of software project lifecycles, focused on the gaming industry. The accompanying discussion is certainly worth a read too.

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This past Sunday and Monday I went to a meeting of the Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER). Popular topics there were empirical software engineering, research ethics, diagnostics, and models and visualization. There were a couple of talks from Peggy … Continue reading

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Ben Shneiderman on Creativity and Visualization

Ben Shneiderman, a professor at the University of Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab and author of Leonardo’s Laptop, gave a talk at Ryerson University yesterday and at the University of Toronto today, on two different topics: At Ryerson he talked about … Continue reading

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