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Thesis acknowledgements

The following text appears as the Acknowledgements section of my thesis, and I reproduce it here to thank, once again, everyone that supported me the most throughout my studies: I am deeply grateful to Steve Easterbrook for giving me the … Continue reading

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Time out

With my thesis out of the way, I’m now finally able to pay attention to real life again. Last week Val and I had a much-anticipated trip to New York to meet our nephew, Luca: He’s just fantastic. For us, … Continue reading

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This is an advertisement

The company my brother works for has just released a website called This is an Advertisement: This is an Advertisement is a site where the ads are the content. It’s as simple (and counterintuitive) as that. We believe ads are … Continue reading

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Val and I recently celebrated our sixth year in Canada. We felt nostalgic, so we went to walk around our old neighbourhood, the Annex, along with my sister, who was visiting from Mexico. While there we decided to get some … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Darwin (except in the US)

A friend of mine just tipped me to this: Google Canada has a nice celebratory image to commemorate Darwin’s 200th birthday, as does Google France, Google Germany, Google Mexico, Google China, and any Google I can think of — except … Continue reading

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English pronunciation

Here’s a neat poem that illustrates some of the many issues and annoyances of English pronunciation. (via Robert Will)

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How to give the perfect man hug

I’ve noticed that many men here in Canada don’t know how to hug. So with the holidays around the corner, I thought my readers would benefit from a little guidance:

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Congratulations, everyone!

…and thanks to all Americans who voted to elect Obama. I’m deeply inspired by your country today.

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TIFF: Shakespeare and Victor Hugo’s Intimacies

Yesterday we went to see “Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo”, a very personal Mexican documentary by Yulene Olaizola, at the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s a fantastic film, a beautifully constructed exposition of a delicate, twisting story. (Nothing to do … Continue reading


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It’s certainly four more than Cheney…

From the latest Wonderella:  

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