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U of T grad students: please vote Yes for Bikechain!

Voting for the Graduate Student Union’s elections begins today and ends this Thursday, March 25. The election includes a referendum on a levy of $1 per year for Bikechain. I love Bikechain, and I’ve mentioned it here before: it’s a … Continue reading


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The Hot Yam! at NOW magazine

More on good food: NOW magazine has just reviewed the Hot Yam!, an amazing one-day-a-week eatery at the University of Toronto that’s very close to my heart. It’s an extremely positive and well deserved review. Congratulations everyone, and if you … Continue reading

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Good Food Box

Val and I are now volunteering to distribute Good Food Boxes in our neighbourhood (we’re at Charles and Balmuto St). We got our first order today, and the veggies are fantastic—I thought I’d share the contents of a large box … Continue reading

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Spanish books in Toronto!

For years I’d been searching for a copy of Janusz Glowacki’s Antigone in New York, a play I performed back in Mexico. I couldn’t find it anywhere: big bookstores, small bookstores, online, in Canada, in the United States –nowhere. Until … Continue reading

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York strike

Very good post on the Torontoist blog analyzing the idiocy of York University’s recent lose-lose three-month strike.

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Renting vs. Buying

I’ve heard, way too many times, that one should buy a house or condo as soon as possible to stop throwing away money in rent. The Torontoist blog has a nice post debunking this myth, with numbers for the Toronto … Continue reading

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Toronto homicides

The Torontoist blog posted some excellent articles on homicide statistics for Toronto, Greater Toronto, downtown Toronto, and Toronto vs. other North American cities. The focus is on studying the stats to determine whether the city is a dangerous place, and … Continue reading

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One of the things that has saved me in my short stint here at Seattle is the fantastic Google Transit service. I don’t have a car, and navigating the bus schedule tables and maps in the unintuitive local transit website … Continue reading

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TransitCamp on the Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review has just published a short article on the Toronto TransitCamp, written by some of the event organizers: Mark Kuznicki, Eli Singer, and Jay Goldman. In TransitCamp, people from many walks of life got together to discuss … Continue reading

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Walk Score

Walk Score is such a nice app: Give it an address and it’ll tell you how walkable it is. Our apartment scores a very decent 83/100: “Very walkable: It’s possible to get by without owning a car.” Yes it is. … Continue reading

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