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Software development according to Game Dev Story

A few days ago I found out about Game Dev Story at this list of meta games (hat tip to Lila Fontes). As the name suggests, it’s a game about having and running a game development company. Seeing as I’ve … Continue reading

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“Agile” as an organizational form

Why do old organizations die? Their death runs counter to our intuition of the nature of organizations as rational entities: if an organization has established itself and secured economic stability, then, through an efficient and rational management of its resources, … Continue reading


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The strengths of small software organizations

With so much stuff going on lately (finishing my thesis, defending it, preparing a long-distance move) I’d neglected to announce that I presented a position paper at the First Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Small Companies. It’s titled “Playing to … Continue reading

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Rational Management

“To administer a social organization according to purely technical criteria of rationality is irrational, because it ignores the nonrational aspects of social conduct.” Peter Blau

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