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I have just realized that the last post in this blog is from a while ago, when I was looking for a job, before I left my university position. I’ve happily moved on, and my blogging, though currently infrequent, has … Continue reading

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Migrating my personal blog

Although most of my blogging time lately has gone into the Never Work in Theory blog, I might keep posting here about software development research stuff that doesn’t fit there. However, I’ve moved my other blog, which used to be … Continue reading

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Over at “Never Work in Theory”…

Just a reminder—over at the Never Work in Theory blog, we’ve already got about a couple dozen papers with empirical findings that (we think) are relevant for software practice. They’re beginning to cover a wide area: from parallel programming to … Continue reading


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New blog: Yorchopolis

I decided to create a new blog to write about my personal stuff while maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio for the people that come here to read about research, software development, and the like—if you’d like to know what I’m … Continue reading

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This past Sunday and Monday I went to a meeting of the Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER). Popular topics there were empirical software engineering, research ethics, diagnostics, and models and visualization. There were a couple of talks from Peggy … Continue reading

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Last week I was in Germany for a Dagstuhl Seminar on Methods for Modelling Software Systems. It was both quite fun and quite productive. I had the chance to talk to researchers whose work I’ve been studying since I started … Continue reading

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What is this all about?

I hereby declare that this shall be a blog about: Seemingly disconnected research in Cognitive Science, Psychology, Sociology and Human Factors The way all these disciplines come together and impact Software Engineering The silliness of my poor little mind, thinking … Continue reading

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