Javier Aviles, rest in peace

Javier Aviles, a theatre director and actor from Leon, Mexico, passed away prematurely yesterday morning. I had the luxury of working with him for several years. He was a great man with a fantastic talent and an intense personality, and he pushed theatre in Leon, and in Mexico, far beyond the expectations of the audience and his peers.

He used to say that in a theatre troupe no single person is essential —the group as a whole can overcome the absence of any member. I hope he’s right; we will miss him deeply.

About Jorge Aranda

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SEGAL and CHISEL labs in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria.
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3 Responses to Javier Aviles, rest in peace

  1. Jorge Martinez says:

    May Javier rest in peace. It was fantastic to share with him the stage.

  2. Antares says:

    (no tengo acentos..)

    hola Jorge, por azares del destino y los resultados inesperados que aparecen en google me encontre con tu blog. Estaba disfrutando de tus posts haste que vi esta noticia inesperada. La ultima vez que lo vi fue hace mucho, la verdad lo recuerdo con mucho carinho porque gracias a el descubri y disfrute el teatro. Espero que descanse en paz.

    Te mando saludos y un abrazo, tambien a Valeria, y a su gato que esta muy bonito.

  3. Lorena Aranda says:

    Hola Jorge !
    No lo sabía….. que pena…..descanse en paz…….. apenas me voy enterando por visitar tu website, pero, q’ sucedió??? cómo fue??? estoy sorprendida, jolín lo siento en verdad……

    tu prima Lorena

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