English pronunciation

Here’s a neat poem that illustrates some of the many issues and annoyances of English pronunciation.

(via Robert Will)

About Jorge Aranda

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SEGAL and CHISEL labs in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria.
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2 Responses to English pronunciation

  1. Galax says:

    Problem is not pronouncing English (well, it is for some of us), but the really big problem is in writing it down. I can not figure who was the genius who developed its spelling.
    English, as any other language, was first spoken than written. So, what the need for such a confusing spelling? Why to use the same written symbols, in the same secuence, to represent diferent sounds?
    Take the word GHOTI. Of course it does not mean anything. But imagine, let’s say, that it is a trademark.
    GHOTI. How would you pronounce it?
    Why not give the GH the same sound as in “cough”?
    And the O the sound of that letter in “women”?
    And pronounce the TI as in “nation?
    GHOTI. Pronounce it: FISH.

  2. Jorge says:

    You’re right. At least part of the problem, as I understand it, came from the Great Vowel Shift in England:

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